The One Show article on roundabouts really made me chuckle. Only in the UK can you have a roundabout fanatic. Keep it up the One Show, fantastic.


Sara – commenting on NBCs ‘England’s King of Roundabouts.’
I would love to have a statue or fountain in the middle of the roundabout of 96th and Westfield Blvd. I think the roundabout that transitions one from Marion County into Hamilton County should be impressive. Although the process of creating this roundabout is complete it would be so nice to do something impressive. Right now this roundabout looks unfinished. What if we had live artists performing in the midddle of the roundabout during busy times of day like the morning and evening rushes? Slmall light shows at night? I think we can do a lot to improve our roundabouts.


B – Commenting on NBCs ‘England’s King of Roundabouts.’
Aug 9 2012

I live in Carmel and I love the roundabouts. I can’t stand traffic lights or stop signs since they put the roundabouts in. My only complaint is they need to put one in at 96th ST and Keystone Parkway.